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I like both. I wonder if you would be kind enough so kind as have the goodness to-inf - I wonder if you would be kind enough to dance with me. Would pronoun Vbare? Would you like to-infinitive - Would you like a cup of tea? Do - Do you like this book? Pardon me, where?

I hate to bother you, but what? How many? Would you be so kind as to tell me? Would you mind telling me where? Could you tell me the way to? Sorry, is this the way to?

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Drive north for 2 miles, then stop at Walk two blocks west, turn right Hurry up! It seems to me How did you get on? What do you recommend?

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Come on: nào! Anything else?

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Shall I serve you? Well done! Hand in hand: tay trong tay. Are you kidding? How long will it last: nó kéo dài bao lâu? To put on weight: lên cân. At the bottom of I spend a white night on reading her love letter. To distinguish someone among the crowd. Embarrassing adj : làm To some extent To bring havok to Also, I must add Your name. You'd be hard pressed to find a company that can combine incredible design, innovative features and amazing performance in the way Apple seems to do every time it releases a new product.

Apple has managed that feat with both the iPh As soon as you take one of the latest iPhones out of its box it makes a statement. Gone are the chamfered edges and harshly industrial looks of Apple Inc. The new design is smoother, softer and all together more organic, lik Full of both incremental and revolutionary updates, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are excellent devices. For anyone who decides that they want to purchase one, the only question left is which handset is right for you.

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If you tend to use your phone as, wel Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already available to pre-order, and will hit shops on the 19th of September. But which new iPhone 6 model is right for you? In this article we compare the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for features, specs, build quality Both of the new iPhone 6 models are expensive propositions, but the iPhone 6 Plus - particularly at the upper storage capacities - is really going to test some wallets.

Whether they do enough to justify their price tags is debatable, but these are extreme The iPhone 6 has arrived and as usual Samsung is one of Apple's key rivals in the smartphone market. Here's our iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison review. See also : The best smartphone you can buy in However, with leaked details still fresh in many buyers' minds, some people justifiably have been confused about what's actually new in the iPhone 6. Here to help, we've separated fact from fiction to offer our opening impressions of the iPhone Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled during a special event on 9 September, meaning the iPhone 5s got a significant price cut.

Potential iPhone buyers will be considering whether to opt for the cheaper iPhone 5s or the newer iPhone 6, and curr It's still a great phone, with specs and features that should satisfy most. The build quality and design certainly reflect the Apple ethos and we see curved edges where there is a seamless transition of glass to metal anodized aluminium and stainless steel. There are no distinct edges or gaps to be seen, the volume buttons have b This is TechRadar's quick look at the new handset for all those that just can't wait to get a look at the new model — check back in a few hours for the full and in-depth iPhone 6 hands on review!

The some, the attraction of the masses to Apple devices is a Great design, Improved camera, Better battery? Still pricey, Low, res screen compared The some, the attraction of the masses to Apple devices is Once a year, the world stops to listen to what phone Apple is announcing. Last year, for the first time, there were two: the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Now, Apple has pulled off another double, with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new i Premium design and superb finish, Lively, engaging audio performance, Sharp, well-balanced picture, Strong graphics performance, Slick user experience No expandable storage, No hi-res audio, Screen could be sharper The new iPhon You might also be wondering what the iPhone 6 UK price and release date is or what the Apple watch looks like.

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These new iPhones almost demand to be talked about as a pair at this stage, as besides a couple of functionality differences — the larger of the Few Aussie publications have seen it with their own eyes, but GadgetGuy's Valens Quinn was on location at the launch, and has been lucky enough to get his hands on the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus at the launch in Cupertino, California. While we haven't spent long While the Apple Watch won't arrive until you can hope to get your hands on the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this year.

The new line of iPhones are bot The new iPhones also feature a precision unibody enclosure of anodised aluminium that conforms with the shaped glass of the display, resulting in a completely smooth and continuous surface. In terms of the rest of the features and spec. We got hands-on with the iPhone 6 following the event to b Now that Apple has unveiled the new iPhones, which smartphone should you buy?

Neither are cheap options, but both have new features, including a bigger screen than any iPhone from the last couple of years. Here's our iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison r Neither are cheap options, but both have new features, in Still pricey, Lowres screen compared The iPhone 6 is a really rather good handset indeed. While I can't bring myself to say 'it's the best iPhone ever made' again it is, but I promised I wouldn't write that again after saying the same thing for three reviews in a row , in the pantheon of A It's that time again.

Like clockwork, Apple has stuck to its two-year refresh cycle, turning out an all-new design and revamped spec sheet for the iPhone 6. Not expected was the bigger 5. We've played with both and here' A new Apple smartphone means changes so here's The iPhone 5s, Apple's flagship smartphone, has been available to buy since September, so it's not surprising that everyone's now looking to the not too distant future and talking about what to expect from the iPhone 6.

Here, we've used the most viable sp It's very likely that the iPhone 6's design will be different enough from the iPhone 5s to earn it its all-new number. Apple will ge Immaculate build, Gorgeous, colourful display, Speedy in use No full HD screen, Expensive, No waterproofing After being launched within weeks of one another in September, the iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact are both fresh, new smartphones with similar sized screens, so could be the cause of some serious head-scratching when it comes to choosing between the It's got to be a strange thing to be a dominant market leader.

Plenty of companies ride a wave of innovation to the top of their respective categories, but stagnate once they get there, soaking up success while forgetting what got them there.

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For smartpho Apple is thinking different, once again. So should you buy an iPhone 6? That's easy: if you loved an iPhone in the past, you'll love the iPhone 6. It's everything that we've loved about previous iPhones but with a bigger screen, improved user interfac The annual smartphone battle between Apple and Google has become a fixed event on most tech fans' calendars.

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The battle has traditionally been fairly balanced as, rather than take Apple on at the top end, Google has chosen to undercut its competitor on p This is largely due to the iPhone's smaller dimensions, which make it more comfortable to use for the maj In our Amazon Fire Phone vs iPhone 6 comparison we find a smartphone that is locked into an expensive ecosystem with the express purpose of generating revenue for the parent company. And the Fire Phone is similar. We tested both the Amazon Fire Phone and The Google Nexus 6 is the firm's flagship smartphone which will shortly be released with Android 5.

We explain how it compares to the iPhone 6 , one of Apple's latest smartphones the other being the iPhone 6 Plus. You can also read our Nexus From the big iPhone 6 and bigger iPhone 6 Plus to the iPad mini range, Apple has diversified its range of iOS devices a great deal in the past few years. As recently as summer Apple sold iPads in only one screen size 9.